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Lyfo.NET embedded on a SIM card

Thought it couldn’t get any better? Think again!

Lyfo’s latest ground-breaking development is an embedded version of the Lyfo.NET product on a SIM. Have your products ever lost connectivity due to coverage or availability issues of your mobile provider? Lyfo.IOT packages the unparalleled capabilities of Lyfo.NET in the SIM.

Lyfo.IOT enables millions of devices to switch between networks in seconds.

Lyfo currently envisions the following use-cases where this is revolutionary:

  • Autonomous/self-driving vehicles
  • Mobile routers
  • IoT sensors/gateways
  • Healthcare
  • Robotics
  • Smart meters
  • Smart home enabled devices such as thermostats, cameras, scanners/printers, airco units, etc.

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Lyfo SIM

Our solutions

Lyfo is subdivided into 4 different solutions, each of which contributes to our proposition around seamless roaming.


Software solution for switching between any mobile 4G/5G network.


The high performance sim with access to all mobile networks.


Accelerated switching between mobile networks, by network redundancy.


Lyfo.NET enabled