The story of Lyfo

Our story

Years of experience in the wonderfully complex world of mobile networks have granted our founders and employees a keen insight into 4G/5G mobile networks, particularly the small yet meaningful oversights in continuous mobile connectivity. With the meteoric rise of mobile data usage, the dependency on mobile connections for a wide variety of applications followed closely. Expectations are that mobile data connections are always available and provide high quality service. A Utopia, until now!

What solution could be developed to reach completely reliable mobile connections, unfettered by a dependency on a single mobile operator? Could we launch a solution that enables a device to automatically make use of connections with all available mobile networks?

The answers to these questions fall squarely within Lyfo’s purview, interacting at the bleeding edge where mobile devices, mobile networks, and SIM cards intersect. Our team embodies a passion for mobile telecommunications combined with a focus on extremely reliable software. Lyfo, formerly Triple-9, is a fast-growing team of seasoned telecom specialists with a proven track record in mobile telecommunications!

Lyfo is 100% Dutch-owned. More information about Lyfo? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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Our people.

At Lyfo, we believe that the creation of ‘top notch’ software can be achieved by excellent teamwork and equality among colleagues.

Maurits Zandbergen


Timon van den Brink

Lead Software Engineer

Jeroen Stoker

Product Owner Lyfo.NET

Tayfun Altuntas


Leo Verstraeten

Project Manager

Thomas Schouten


Marjan Overweel

Marjan Overweel

Office Manager

Robert van der Sanden

QA Engineer

Ivo Limpens

QA Engineer

John Hendriks

R&D Engineer


Pierre Agnass

R&D Engineer

Otto van Linden


Roma Morel

Software Engineer 

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