Always connected

Zero downtime mobile connectivity with Lyfo.NET

Lyfo.NET is the world’s first and only mobile redundancy solution.
It doesn’t matter when or where, Lyfo.NET ensures you’re
always connected with any available mobile network. 

Switching between mobile networks in mere seconds, our solution mitigates loss of connectivity near borders, in buildings or white spots. Utilizing the patented Network Quality Indication (NQI) algorithm, Lyfo.NET continuously monitors the serving and alternative mobile networks. As the serving network drops below the threshold, the connection is switched to the best alternative network. 

Always connected.

One of a kind

Meet world’s first and only mobile redundancy solution.
Our innovative approach to intelligent mobile network selection is unique. 

Lyfo’s holistic approach of managing the connection at the device, ensures that the user’s connectivity is prioritized above all else. Reducing loss of mobile connectivity to mere seconds or less, ensures that a user’s connection is continuously available. 

Lyfo.NET monitors the serving and neighbouring mobile networks. Choosing the best network for the user ensures a continuous connection and reliable service. 

Our app is developed with the highest standards of quality in mind and is thoroughly tested in a wide range of scenarios to ensure that our users are always connected. 


Lyfo.NET-TwinSIM - Mobile Redundancy Solution-Always-Connected

Find your solution

Lyfo is subdivided into different solutions, each of which contributes to our proposition around seamless roaming.

Always Connected


Software solution for switching between any mobile 4G/5G network.

Always Connected


The high performance sim with access to all mobile networks.

Always Connected


Accelerated switching between mobile networks, by network redundancy.

Always Connected - How?

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