Whitepaper – “How does it work?”

The technology to rapidly switch between mobile networks, is called Lyfo.
And this is where our primary focus has been for more than 4 years now. With the help of pioneering customers, who typically operate on and across country borders or frequently move between areas with spotty coverage, we developed the Lyfo solution. So why was Lyfo created? Find out in our new whitepaper. After the why, read on to find out how Lyfo works. And to close it all off, what does Lyfo offer?

The new Whitepaper by Lyfo.Net addresses major topics like:

The “why” of Lyfo
Public mobile networks
Network performance
In building coverage
Operator grids
Border areas
Sticky networks
Private networks

The “how” of Lyfo
Real world network performance NQI
Network switching
TwinSIM solution – Primary mobile operator
The private network complication
TwinSIM private network

Summary: What does Lyfo offer?
Customer expectations
Available today
Future development 

This whitepaper has been prepared by Eildert van Dijken

How does it work

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