ONR - One Number Reach​​

Always connected

ONR- One Number Reach

Never Miss a Call, Anywhere

Introducing One Number Reach

During mobile operations and critical moments, where reliance on the mobile network is inevitable, it’s crucial for remote workers to uphold stable and uninterrupted real-time mobile communication.

Mobile connectivity challenges are mainly wireless network congestion and cellular dead zones (being out of service). Furthermore, even in developed areas high numbers of mobile users can lead to network congestion, which results in packet loss and disrupted communications.

However, first responders in remote areas always have to be reachable; and even if they use the Lyfo’s backup sim, they will not be reachable with their primary phone number.

To tackle this, Lyfo has developed One Number Reach, which makes your mobile phone reachable with the primary SIM number; even when the primary Sim has poor or no signal.

ONR - One Number Reach

Imagine receiving important calls, even if your primary SIM card loses signal. In short:

  • Primary SIM gets out of service
  • Lyfo will automatically switch the data connection to the second SIM
  • Lyfo will enable voice and SMS over the second SIM’s data connection
  • Voice calls use the number of the 1st SIM via the 2nd SIM and the native dialler!
  • No user intervention is needed

One Number Reach simplifies your mobile communication strategy by consolidating multiple contact points into one, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

Using Lyfo’s twin sim (using Backup sim), will enable the remote mobile workers to be reached via a single and preferred mobile number for both calls and SMS.

"During the AGURRE event, Lyfo demonstrated how an SFR phone number could be used for Voice calls & SMS, while connected to a Private Network, even when the SFR network was out of reach. Being always reachable on one number is a demand we hear a lot from our business customers ; Lyfo’s ONR feature certainly has a role to play, especially with the advent of Private Networks"
Valerie GRAU
Market Lead – 5G & IoT at SFR Business

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