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Increase your customer retention

Increase your ARPU

As we move to a world of constant, global, seamless connectivity, best-effort mobile communications for high demanding customers, like public safety, are no longer acceptable. So how to lower the churn caused by this and how to win new customers in a more and more competing world while revenues and cash flow continue to drop, you will still need to maintain your network and continue to invest in modernization and new network technologies.  

The need for new solutions to increase your ARPU and enhance customer retention is obvious. 

Upgrading your services require large investments and burden your resources. Lyfo.NET offers a cost-effective subscriber based license model allowing your customers to temporary use an other available mobile network. Ensuring availability when your own network has no coverage or is temporarily unavailable. By using our Lyfo.NET Twin.SIM solution, there is no need for implementing national roaming! 

Our aim is to grow Lyfo throughout the globe! Are you interested to learn more about what Lyfo.NET can mean for your business in your country?  

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Always connected

  • Always connected to the best available network; 
  • Solving well-known roaming issues experienced when crossing borders, resulting in No or Bad connectivity for several minutes; 
  • Switches between public and private 4G / 5G networks; 
  • Public and private networks are supported in national and international settings;
  • Prevents connection to suspicious networks; 
  • Offers safe & secure environment for mission/business-critical communication; 
  • Supports regular & ruggedized smartphone with consistent user experience; 
  • Android, Windows, and router application available, iOS available soon 

Find your solution

Lyfo offers different solutions, each of which contributes to our proposition around seamless roaming.

Always Connected


Software solution for switching between any mobile 4G/5G network.

Always Connected


The high performance sim with access to all mobile networks.

Always Connected


Accelerated switching between mobile networks, by network redundancy.

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