OS support policy

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OS support policy

Lyfo supports the most recent major releases of Google’s Android Operating System starting from major version 10. Many OS implementing vendors do not patch older versions of the OS, as such Lyfo advises to update the OS to the latest version available for the device when experiencing any issues.

End of support

Lyfo aims to maintain active support for the last 3 major Android versions starting from Android 10. As it may take some time for the market to move towards a new version for the majority of devices Lyfo will maintain compatibility and provide bug-fixes as long as the usage as reported on Android Version Market Share Europe | Statcounter Global Stats remains above 10%. When a version’s usage drops below the 10% threshold the next minor release following this will be the final version targeting this OS version.

Users on that OS version will be able to continue using that (and previous) versions of the app on devices running that OS version. However, Lyfo will no longer be releasing bug or crash fixes for these unsupported versions and these users will not be able to install new versions of the app until they update or replace their device. To ensure that you continue receiving updates please make sure to update your device to the latest version of Android.

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