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Lyfo, Always Connected!

Critical Communications World HELSINKI 2023

Join us on 23-25 May 2023, Stand E63, Messukeskus, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Finland

Always connected with your mobile phone it seems so obvious, but is it?

We all have the experience of mobile coverage gaps, network outages, border areas causing a huge impact for those who’s mobile phone became a process critical device and their need for being always connected.

Worlds first and only mobile redundancy solution.

Our patented Lyfo.NET software enables continuous multi mobile network connectivity between all available public and private mobile networks and during the Critical communications world Helsinki, we will demonstrate you our mobile application,  supporting data, sms and even voice!

Lyfo Mobility Manager

Reliable mobile connectivity makes the difference between a mission’s success and failure and for the wellbeing of first responders. Our patented Lyfo.NET is the missing link for Critical Communications and assures that communication is always possible, any time, any place.

 Visit our booth and we will explain and demonstrate:

  • How you can improve mobile communications exceptionally with Lyfo.NET
  • That we have a fully automated and user-friendly dashboard
  • How fast Lyfo.NET switches between mobile networks
  • Why you should be using Lyfo.NET
  • That we can setup a pilot that shows how effectively Lyfo.NET works for you

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We are looking forward to seeing you at the CCW 2023.



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Always Connected, Any Time, Any Place

Lyfo.NET-TwinSIM - Mobile Redundancy Solution-Always-Connected
Always Connected


Software solution for switching between any mobile 4G/5G network.

Always Connected


The high performance sim with access to all mobile networks.

Always Connected


Worlds first and only mobile redundancy solution!

Always Connected


Lyfo.NET enabled