The high performance SIM with access to all mobile networks.

Access to all mobile networks.

Lyfo.SIM guarantees premium access to all 4G and 5G mobile networks in Europe and beyond. In the Netherlands, Lyfo.SIM guarantees access to the networks of KPN, Vodafone and Odido.  

Lyfo.SIM offers premium connectivity, stand-alone or combined with Lyfo.NET, Lyfo.TwinSIM

With Lyfo’s other products, Lyfo.SIM offers unrivaled connectivity.  

Always connected, with Lyfo.SIM! 

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Lyfo SIM

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Lyfo is subdivided into different solutions, each of which contributes to our proposition around seamless roaming.

Always Connected


Software solution for switching between any mobile 4G/5G network.

Always Connected


The high performance sim with access to all mobile networks.

Always Connected


Rapid Mobile Network Switching through Network Redundancy.

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